Not long ago, a new group turned their attention to creating a lifestyle brand. One of the web video series became a food channel, and it turns out they were good at it. They're now wildly successful and one of the most popular 5 minute recipe-idea clip makers out there. You'll find their most recent below to pump up your menu imagination. Count on frequent updates! They have new material all the time and you'll find it here.

Rajshri Food

The fast, simple and healthy personality of Indian food has never been more popular, and nobody brings more quick recipe ideas to the web than the folks at Rajshri. But don't think of it as just Indian food. While there's a majority percentage of Indian flavor, the more important lessons Rajshri brings are about sparking creativity with a few simple steps. You'll get their most recent, constantly updated, right here.

Culinary Institute of America

Roughly 200 quick recipe overviews from the professional instructors at the most well known culinary institution in the US. These tips for simple dishes from the cream of the crop are great at stimulating your imagination and will hone your skills for fancier meals.

Science And Cooking

Ready for something advanced? This is Harvard University's 45 episode series on food science. If you're a fan of folks like Alton Brown, you're sure to like this even more in-depth look at how food works. Some of the episodes go up to two hours. This series definitely provides a complete picture!

Complete Knife Skills

Everyone tells you knife skills are an essential part of a fast and fun kitchen. Then they spend five minutes showing you how to do it. There has never been anything wrong with a Henckels knife, so it shouldn't be a surprise that the video pick for showing you how to use one is from Henckels. Nearing forty minutes of class-style instruction, this video covers all the knife selection and knife use basics you need to keep you and all your fingers together in the kitchen!