Cucina Vivace (Koo-chee’-nah Vi-vah’-chee) began as a Washington, DC area restaurant in 2007 and evolved into catering, cooking classes, commercial products, and restaurant consulting. Chef Gordon Vivace has over 20 cooking awards to his credit, was featured in the single edition Celebrated Chef’s of DC (DC’s top 50 chefs), and his cookbook on old world Italian tradition has remained five star rated on Amazon since 2012. Now in retirement from cooking commercially, he remains active in other areas of the food world and in these projects:

One Hundred Meals

Join a new kind of hunger fight. One Hundred Meals is a community dedicated to curbing US food poverty with more than your donations. Visit us here.

Recipe Spree

Bring your recipe to win Cuisinart appliances, gift cards, and more! We love to see what home cooks are doing and give them a chance to showcase their talents. Visit the site here.


If you need help with kitchen design, marketing, code compliance, or menu development, the chef has had a hand in everything from initial blueprints to steady operations in venues of virtually all sizes and is ready to help anywhere in the continental US.

The Book

The chef takes you on a funny romp through what’s wrong with Italian food in America and how to fix it at home. More than a collection of recipes, it’s a real discussion of Italian cooking principles and keeping tradition alive in the contemporary kitchen. See it on Amazon here.

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